Welcome to Attia.com

My name is Olivier Attia and since domain names exist I own this domain.

Recently I was asked if I was interested to sell the domain name.

It must be you or someone else. It does not matter.

I won't sell but I will share.


Step #1 of this new sharing project:

an email @attia.com


If your last name is Attia and you want to impress your friends and family with yourfirstname@attia.com, 

go ahead, email me at myfirstname@attia.com a proof of ID with your last name on it

and the email you want the system to send your new email @attia.com to.


For instance,

if your current email is olivierattia@gmail.com, 

then your olivier@attia.com will be automatocally forwarded to  olivierattia@gmail.com.

If the first name is already taken, it will be olivier2 and so on.


Let's create the Attia Community.

This name is strong. This name is powerful.

Let's make it stronger together.